From Tradition to Modernity

Since the end of the 20th century, several modern puppet theatre companies established themselves in Taiwan. They are part of a new wave of puppet theatre innovation. Some are working from tradition, others find ways of incorporating actors, puppets and music.

The government is actively supporting companies through annual subsidies and other projects. Every year the National Student Competition of Creative Puppetry Art is organized with over 100 elementary school and middle school puppet theatre companies competing in many different categories.

The Song Song Song Children’s and Puppet Theatre Company with Hwang Tswei-hua

Photograph of young marionette performers at the 2018 finals of the National Student Competition of Creative Puppetry Art competition.

Children of the Teldreka tribe in Gaoxiong performing their local stories in shadow

View of the exhibition: A puppet resembling fashion designer Sophie Hong and other modern puppets

The Puppet and Its Double puppet theatre company worked with Larry Reed to create their large scale shadow performance “Monkey King at Spider Cave” in 2006.

Poster of the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company tour of South and Central America